Thursday, July 07, 2011

For some reason I didn't make note of it earlier on the Melson testimony,

did you notice all the agencies involved in Gunwalker? FBI and DEA and the IRS as well as DoJ and BATFE. Which means there are a bunch of assorted agency bigshots sweating like hell at the thought of being subpoenaed to testify under oath about 'Just what did you know about this and when did you know it?' Especially since Melson decided to point to lots of people and documents.

Which does make me wonder: how many (primarily)Democrat politicians in DC knew something about this? With Obama having promised the Brady people that he was working on 'something under the radar', just how much did he tell them, for that matter? Helmke just dropped out; could it be that he knew something and, if called upon, doesn't want it connected to his favorite gun bigot groups? Is one reason Schumer and Feinstein and so forth are busy trying to push for more laws and money and authority for BATFE now partly because they knew something about Gunwalker? And really don't want that to come out?

No, I have no information at all about this; I'm just wondering. There's so many people Obama might want to pay off, as it were, with information about Gunwalker that the question came to mind.

Unrelated, Yes, I can type fairly well again. My last graceful episode involved getting one end of a piece of steel rod- small diameter, thank God- stuck in my forearm. Which hurt like hell, and involved sitting for hours in the ER, which led to the comments about morphine not working. Several days and a bunch of antibiotics later there's no sign of infection and the soreness/stiffness is way down, but it'll still be a few days before I can hit the range(right-handed, at least) or ride the bike; the idea of working throttle & front brake is NOT attractive right now.

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