Sunday, July 03, 2011

First, Rev. Wright, 'controversial' isn't a bad word;

second, I do not call you controversial: I call you a racist liar. And, as noted, never forget that our President sat in the pews nodding and cheering for twenty freakin' years. And then claimed "Oh, I never heard him say any of those things!"

Of course, he's got the major media giving him cover for all this. I imagine Wright has called the Founders all a bunch of slavers, which would be another lie. But it's a PC lie, the kind our 'journalists' like to promote.

Ah, the Green Party, now saving people from unsafe dildos and such.

Apparently that noose isn't tightening fast enough:
A defiant Moammar Gadhafi threatened Friday to carry out attacks in Europe unless NATO halts its campaign of airstrikes against his regime in Libya.

Gadhafi delivered the warning Friday in an address by telephone to thousands of supporters who gathered in Tripoli's Green Square. He vowed to stay on and warned the NATO-led alliance to stop its air war or face "catastrophe."

Gadhafi said that unless strikes stop, "we can decide to treat you in a similar way." He says that "if we decide, we can also move it (the fight) to Europe."

Y'know, we didn't hear much out of this guy for some years there, I wonder... oh yeah, because he was afraid that if he did anything Bush would actually kill him.

Some of the implications of Obama sucking up to the Muslim Brotherhood; this man is either a flat effing fool, or really wants to destroy this nation.

So it's bad enough up there some student was willing to put his life on the line to do this:
But part of the motivation may come from fears of student revolution. Last week someone put a piece of graffito on the wall of a Pyongyang College which called the Dear Leader “a dictator who starved people to death."

For North Korea, this is more or less the equivalent of setting the White House on fire with a Molotov.

Heard anything about the idiocy in the park? Glenn Beck was apparently thought he could take his family to a public park to see a show and the NYC clowns could act like civilized beings. He was wrong, they called him a liar, but their denials don't really seem to hold up.

Well, the flotilla dirtbags tried it, and it's begun. Though I have news for them: if Israeli commandos stormed the ships 'with guns blazing' they'd be having burials at sea because there wouldn't be enough space for all the bodies.

And now I'll leave you. I hope to be hobbling around well enough to mark the birthday by making a lot of noise and holes in targets, and I have some ammo to put together.

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Mattexian said...

In a bit of good news, Glenn Beck is supposedly moving to Texas. We'll be glad to have him, and he'll be appreciated here. (Plus, he can get his CHL without having to be butt-buddies with some politician, and if some libtard threatens his family again, he'll be justified in shooting them!)