Tuesday, July 05, 2011

About that 'study' that Independance Day is a 'rignt-wing' holiday:

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Freedomfuck you with the flying fuckeagle of freedom. Fuck you for your stupidity. Fuck you for trying to marginalize this most glorious of days in our nation’s history. Fuck you for trying to make me feel bad or reticent about celebrating our freedom. And moundfuck you forever for trying to imply that the greatness unleashed on the 4th of July and the Declaration of Independence are things to hide under a blanket and be ashamed of.

Thinking our rights are entitled by our Creator to be free and pursue life, liberty, and happiness are partisan? Enjoy being on the anti-entitlement side and historyfuck you with a fucksoaked quillpen.

Believing the governors must receive their authorization and consent from the governed is a bad thing and worthy of the same scorn you heap upon a person wanting lower taxes? CrossingFuck you across the Delaware.

Believing all men are created equal should be subected to a David Brock web-based hissy fit? Ask this guy and then fuck you with your shame and idiocy.

And that's not all of it.


djmoore said...

Here in the Houston area, we're under a drought inspired burn ban, and, of course, a fireworks ban. The stands all over Harris County were shut down. Even most of the public displays were cancelled or scaled back.

And mind, this is Texas. Most years, Independence Day is merely a crescendo in three or four days of noise. I mean, usually we get celebratory gunfire.

Last night was eerily quiet, quieter than most Monday nights. It's as if the fireworks ban translated to a celebration ban for most folks.

I went to the grocery store. Dead quiet. No traffic. Again: eerie. When I walked back to my car, I shouted out as loud as I could, "IT'S TOO QUIET! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! YAY AMERICA! WOO HOO!" and similar. And, amazingly, two or three people (everybody in the lot, almost) called back, "Good for you!" Nobody joined in, though. Nobody honked their horn.

Never again. Next year, if it looks like a fireworks ban will be in effect, I will have alternative noisemakers available.

I swear.

Weer'd Beard said...

Well said. Also given that Places like Boston and New York, as well as just about every other major leftist haven I'm sure throws a pretty big party The person who conducted the study was really selling a bad bill of goods,

Sigivald said...

I read the deep link"Our main results indicate that Fourth of July shifts preferences and behavior to the right and in- creases voter turnout." - and of course they're explicitly talking about celebrations in the form of public ceremony (parades and the like), rather than The Day Itself.

I see nothing particularly incensing about that; it's plausible and I'm perfectly willing to believe that the data are accurate.

That a patriotic celebration would make people more likely to self-identify with the party that is most commonly considered Patriotic is not surprising - and does not insult anyone or denigrate the holiday.

If anything, it denigrates the Democrats for not appealing to patriotic impulses, no?

They did not at any point suggest that that outcome was bad; I can't figure out where the linked author got that idea from.

(And it appears that none/almost none of the commenters at ++undead read it either, despite one of them talking about "40 pages of drivel", because it simply does not support his thesis about the Left.

Maybe they're confused by the language about "appropriating symbols", but in context that's "what other people have said about the subject", and such "appropriation" does not, in that context, imply any wrongdoing or nefariousness.

I read it as ++undead and others Looking For Something To Be Upset About, and failing their reading comprehension roll.)