Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Still not typing well, but

a few things to point to:
'Code enforcement' as weapon

Sen. Leahy is a multiple-level dirtbag

Things you need gathered before you die

Yeah,considering how so many of them act...
(thanks to Rodger)

While Obama is trying to pretend to be like Reagan,

The Dutch are on a roll

Added: What I wish to highlight here is the horrible spectacle of mainstream minds raising the alarm over the increasingly violent intrusions of the government into our lives, even as their underlying ideologies move them inexorably towards that end-of-road. To judge by the reaction around the blogosphere, both Left and Right are aghast and angry over Guerena’s death — but I will show how, in fact, both “sides” are, at root, complicit in it.

And that's it for now

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