Tuesday, July 05, 2011

First, some 'public servants' really don't like it

when they have to obey the law, do they?

Gulf Breeze City Council today unanimously OK'd allowing the city attorney to rescind and amend ordinances on its book that may conflict with a new state gun law.

And, as usual, those ‘in charge’ whine and cry that they’re being held to the same laws the ‘little people’

Any appointed or elected government official or department head who enacts or enforces a law that conflicts with the state law will personally face fines up to $100,000 and lawsuits

"I've never seen a more broadly and poorly worded law," Dannheisser said. That is worrisome, he said.

The broad nature of the law paves the way to a whole cottage industry of lawyers seeking to sue city and county officials who may not realize they have laws that may in some way be construed as regulating the use of guns, Dannheisser said.

Translation: "We can't pass the laws we want, because if we do we can actually get in legal trouble for doing it! It's not FAIR!!!"

Second, the gun bigots sometimes surprise me. Even knowing what intolerant jerks many of them are.

Something from WWII history:
"The general impression from the German reports is that they were on the right track and that their thinking and developments paralleled ours to a surprising extent. The fact that they did not achieve their chain reaction is primarily due to their lack of sufficient amounts of heavy water.

"In one of the reports a vivid description is given of the German efforts in this respect. The heavy water factories in Norway were designed for a capacity of 3-4 tons a year and were successfully operating during part of 1942 and 1943. This capacity would have been sufficient for the construction of a pile (reactor). However, the production was interrupted by sabotage and finally the main factory was destroyed by a bombing attack. Toward the end of 1944 plans were made to initiate production of heavy water in Germany and to use enriched uranium in order to reduce the material requirements.

"It is also fairly clear that the total German effort was on a very considerably smaller scale than the American effort. This may be due to the strained German economy or to the less favorable attitude of their government. The fact remains that an independent group of scientists, of much smaller size than ours, operating under much more adverse conditions achieved so much.

Obama's appointees tend to be just as big a jerk as he is.

And that's about it tonight. I can now turn my hand to the proper position but typing still doesn't work weel with the one hand.

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