Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My Dresden attire

at the party may have been too good: the birthday girl has posted a bunch of pictures on her Facebook page and guess which is the only one out of focus?


Phelps said...

Hexus nullus

Nope. Didn't work.

Arthur said...

So I was going to ask, what did your costume consist of?

Duster and big wood staff? Pentacle(glow in the dark)?

Firehand said...

Think of the book covers: flat-crown wide-brim hat, 'Army of Darkness' t-shirt, black BDU pants(I like pockets), boots, duster and oak staff.

Recognizable at least; everybody took one look and said "Hello, Harry!"

Phelps said...

A cowboy shirt and sweatpants would be a little more authentic.

(Been watching the Dresden Files series on Netflix. It's not bad, but as a fan of the books I'm having a hard time abiding the changes. Bob out of the skull was enough of a change for a wince on its own, but making him the moral conscience? Too much.)