Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here's a thought on Obama & Biden's high-speed rail proposal:

President Obama, not surprisingly, wants to spend, excuse me, invest, 53 billion tax dollars—that's money you and I have earned through very hard work—in high-speed rail.

Not surprising because liberals-socialists-progressives-statists have always had a love affair with trains. It's a great way of maintaining control over unruly, freedom loving citizens.

Railroads are a perfect expression of the utopian collective favored by the left. This, in contrast to the individual who prefers making his own way, in his own vehicle, by his own route.

The ultimate expression of a state's love affair with the railroad was, of course, the cattle cars used by the Nazis, The National Socialist Party, to ship millions of Jews to death camps.

Relax, I'm not saying that Obama is a Nazi.

I am pointing out that there is a pronounced tendency among big government advocates to favor railroads as a natural extention of their power.

Take away a citizen's car and you make him dependant on the state for his mobility.


KurtP said...

Yeah...BUT are they making stations next to Bush's sekrit Gulags somewhere the Libs just couldn't pinpoint?

Keith said...

Union jobs for the next 100 years plus, along with kickbacks from the muckshifters and other contractors, and the chance to screw around with compulsory purchase orders.

These are all things which thugs like second helpings of.

If a rail link makes sense, then a private consortium would be able to raise money on the stockmarket to build it.

It makes no sense and will never pay for itself, it just transfers money (and power) from the useful parts of the economy into the hands of cronies.