Monday, February 07, 2011

Looks like both the Sheriff and the prosecutor in Pima County

need to become unemployed:
We are trying to hold a tea party on April 30th in Tucson. Already the blowback from some in leadership since January 8th has been to try and shut us down.

We were having a town hall/forum on mental health on Feb 18th and one by one the County Prosecutor and Sheriff have spoken to our speakers and intimidated them to the point where they will no longer speak. This really can’t happen.

We need help and want to make sure conservatives in our town don’t feel scared to speak out on issues they feel need their voice.

Apparently Sheriff Dupnik isn't only a dirtbag excuse for a lawman, that oath he took about upholding the Constitution doesn't mean squat to him. Same for that prosecutor.

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skidmark said...

I read the InstaPundit post and Googled the daylights out of the information. So far, all I can get is everybody reposting the same material.

NOBODY is saying just what the DA and/or Sheriff have said/done to intimidate anybody. I've tried to contact Tucson Tea Party directly for more detail. No response yet, but they do need time to decide to respond to mere me and then decide what to say.

IF there is proof that can/will be openly shared, the DIY asphalt feathering machine can be on the road in under a minute. But I'm not going to gas up the interstate transporter until I get anything solidly verifying this accusation.

I hope the rest of the potentially outraged mob will at the least wait with me before the pikes & pitchforks parade begins.

stay safe.

wv= piersum: seeing some folks wanting to take off half-cocked.