Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hmmm. So Halle Berry is something of a racist and

a fool, or else playing the race card.
Berry, 44, is the daughter of a white mother, who was a psychiatric nurse, and a black father, who was a hospital attendant in the same ward. Aubry is French-Canadian and white.

The couple is in the middle of a bitter custody battle over their 2-year-old girl, Nahla.

"I feel she's black. I'm black and I'm her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory," Berry said in an interview with Ebony magazine
That she'll actually say this crap in public makes me wonder what she tells the kid about the father.

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Jennifer said...

Awe Geez. Why can't these people just celebrate their own diversity. This kid should have great genetics. Instead she's got a mom that is going to fill her head with nonsense.
I once liked Halle Berry too. Even took it as a great compliment when people said I looked like her.