Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Mr. Rosenman, unless you're an absolute fool the answer

is YES.
As the movement to eliminate tenure takes hold, it’s worth asking advocates for dismissal of incompetent teachers whether they think that teachers are the only underperforming public-sector workers. Do they also favor more dismissals of subpar police officers and firefighters?
No, dumbass, I really WANT incompetent cops and firefighters on the job; what's a few extra crooks running loose or innocents in prison or buildings burned down and people dead compared to keeping the clowns employed?
Evaluating job performance objectively and assessing accountability for results driven by many factors beyond the individual teacher’s control are genuinely difficult. As a public school parent, I favor getting rid of incompetent teachers. But until we are ready to define and consistently apply fair standards for individual accountability for all kinds of public-sector outcomes, teachers will have some reason to feel they are being singled out for political purposes.
Hey, clown, we WANT incompetent teachers AND cops AND public employees out of that job; they should not be there if they can't do the job properly and well. And whether you want to admit it or not, it's quite possible to define fair standards for all those groups; in the case of teachers it's been primarily the unions and 'education' bureaucrats keeping it from happening.


Keith said...

There is a way around the teacher question.

Education vouchers, 12 for a year.

That way, parents send their kids to the schools which work, and the ones that don't work go bust.

The teacher can still go in each day, but no one will pay them to go if there are no kids attending.

Cops, fire persons and pen pushers are more difficult,


I've been places in Africa where households and businesses can get a contract with an armed response security company. Press any of the panic buttons and there is a truck load of big guys with guns there in a couple of minutes.

Fire brigades were started by insurance companies, no reason why they can't go back to that way of funding.

Trash collection around here is already by private firms, the council just collects rent from them for existing (and issuing licenses).

Firehand said...

I'm reminded of the idiot 'feminists' who demanded that women be allowed on fire departments even if they couldn't pass the physical requirements. These jobs are NOT social-engineering bullcrap, they're actual work that demands certain things; and if you can't perform those things, you should not get the job. And if you reach the point you can't do it anymore, you need to retire or be fired.