Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'll note I just heard that in Medford

this morning the wind chill hit -47.

I lived there at one time, but never saw it that bad.

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Keith said...

That is nasty!

We had big problems in Ireland with zero degrees F - mostly because before this year, we last saw cold like that in the first half of the eighties.

Pipes in houses were burst, the water supply pipes in the towns were freezing and bursting and the roads were breaking up.

I guess we get to pay the price of building things to withstand the cold one way or another.

I was having a look at Arctic Patriot's posts on keeping warm. I'll be emailing them to my pals in the colder bits of England, though their cold is different, temperature wise it's not usually much below 32F, but it's usually wet and the wind is nearly always blowing.