Saturday, February 12, 2011

Travelers Insurance: the insurance company of gun bigots

and general jerks. The company reaction to a policy holder owning a AR15:
Through my insurance broker, Travelers Insurance Company informed me that the rifle was “illegal” and, as such was uninsurable. After lengthy communication with my broker who pointed out that the firearm in question is perfectly legal, and in fact, one of the most commonly owned rifles in the US, Travelers then modified their position, stating that this firearm was “undesirable” and that unless I sold or otherwise relinquished my ownership of this firearm, they would decline to continue BOTH my homeowners policy AND my umbrella coverage.
So if you own firearms and have any policy with Travelers, you ought to check for another company; if they'll do this, no telling what else they might do.

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Chad said...

I had them for about a year. Don't remember specifically why I got rid of them, but why any vet doesn't have USAA at this point I don't know...