Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ah, New Effing York; threatened by a gang, run them off,

go to jail. 'Reckless endangerment' my ass.

Two things: Yes, generally the rule is 'No Warning Shots: if the threat is that bad, you shoot the person'. There are exceptions to all rules, and I'd tend to lean in his favor. Second, in Oklahoma and some other states(according to the officers who taught my SDA class) a group, gang or mob has different rules than facing a single person: a gang or mob IS considered the equivalent of being threatened with a lethal weapon. Threatened by a single person, no weapon in sight, you can't use deadly force; threatened by a gang or mob, you can. If it's not that way in NY, it should be.

I know, 'should be' doesn't count; it's still a bullshit arrest.

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GuardDuck said...

Disparity of force. Same reason a 90 year old grandma can use more force against a 250 lb. attacker than someone of equal size.