Monday, September 06, 2010

Among the questions the Brit government should be asking itself

is "If we keep shitting on the troops, what happens when they all say "Screw you" and stop protecting us?"
Around 5,000 troops who are medically unfit for combat duties, including those injured in Afghanistan and Iraq, are to be ousted by the Ministry of Defence, it was reported yesterday.
Many have been found office jobs, but the ever-increasing toll of fighting in Afghanistan has forced the top brass to act.

However, doing so will be seen as reneging on promises that the wounded could stay in the Forces if they wished.

The leaked document, Management of Army Personnel who are Medically Unfit for Service, says 5 per cent of the Army is no longer fit for combat. It says the least able 1,500 will go first, with another 750 a year following.

The document, written by Belinda Vern, a senior civil servant, admits it will be seen as the 'MoD discarding those who have sacrificed much on our behalf'
Here's a really key bit of wording:
'Difficult decisions will inevitably need to be made about individuals who already have a significant media profile,' she writes. 'These will require careful handling.'

The document states the cull should take place before the public becomes aware of the 'sheer numbers of seriously injured personnel'
Translation from the bitch: "We need to dump these people before the public finds out all about this. And the ones people already know about need to be dumped very carefully so as to protect our image."


Jeffersonian said...

Gawd Save the Queen.


Jeffersonian said...

Oops, wrong link. I meant this.

Either here in the states or across the pond, the men and women who serve in the armed forces to protect their nation are the only people who deserve tax money. They've earned it. That's what it's for.