Thursday, September 09, 2010

You know the right people are winning primaries when RINOs like Boehlert

are saying things like this:
But for Republican moderates(i.e. RINO compromisers of everything), the Rand Pauls and Sharron Angles of the world are disconcerting. Some express fear that what they perceive as the candidates’ “radical” views will prove a political liability for the Republican Party.

Angle is “just out of sight with her crazy claims,” said former New York Republican Rep. Sherwood Boehlert, a moderate who now works to push the GOP leftward on environmental issues.

One moderate GOP House aide was more blunt in an interview with TheDC. “Dude, I’m terrified. These people are f***ing nuts,” he said.
Well, I guess it might seem that way to jerks like you.
For Boehlert, his concern is that some of the candidates likely to win in November may be averse to compromise. “I believe it’s going to be a much closer division” in the number of Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, Bohlert said, “and that would require more cooperation if they’re going to accomplish anything.”
Since you've defined 'compromise' as kissing up to Democrats and crapping on what Republican is supposed to stand for, hell YES they're going to resist that; that's why people are voting for them, you jerk. Which brings us to this:
“There is a role for the gadfly — to question everything. You get a lot of press coverage but very little influence in the Senate. Most will prefer to accomplish something. They can remain true to their principles, hold out for everything, then compromise to get something,” Sabato said.
Once more: 'compromise' is not supposed to mean 'give up on what you believe to make the Party happy'. If that's what you want, then you're one of the enemy.
“Deep gridlock is the likeliest outcome, though maybe Obama and Congress can make common cause on one or two items — though I am hard pressed to think what they are,” Sabato added
Well, tell you what: if your idea of 'compromise' and 'cooperation' is to do "What's good for the Party" as opposed to what the voters want, then screw you; gridlock it is.

A lot of this says the Stupid Party leadership is still playing the standard games and scared to death of the idea of people who don't care about the standard games getting elected.


Mattexian said...

I think I'll take gridlock in DC any day over the Dem's "Bigger Gubmint wishlist" getting checked off every week!

Arthur said...

Why are these idiots Republicans?

I had the same question flash through my head every time Meghan McLame opened her pie hole: "What parts of the Democratic party's agenda don't you support?"

martywd said...

'New York Republican' = 'Tits on a Bull'.

Anonymous said...

So Blowhart doesn't have like conservatives, who cares? She'ws just another rinodem.