Monday, September 06, 2010

I went back over to Bookworm Room and looked back over

the Death Tax post and the comments. And got mad as hell.


"Name a more fair tax", "Name a tax to make up for what the government doesn't get if we kill this", etc. ad bullshit.

I have yet to hear an actual reason why it's 'fair' for the government to tax the hell out of what you worked and sweated for JUST BECAUSE YOU DIED. God-DAMN every miserable little bureaucrat and politician who pushes this shit.

You pay income tax on what you earn, you pay sales taxes on what you buy, you pay taxes on interest earned on the savings the bastards insist you must have, every damned penny you get is multiply-taxed, and now we're supposed to fall in line with "Now that you're dead, the Government gets a big bite of your estate; it's only fair, after all, and we'll spend it better than you will."

Fuck you, Mr. Whoeverthehell pushes this. Try real hard to understand this: IT IS NOT YOUR DAMNED MONEY. YOU did not earn it, YOU have taken bites of it year after year, and now you want to steal another big chunk? FUCK YOU.

Oh, and anybody who says "Well, there are ways around it if you bother to find them", Fuck You Twice. People are supposed to play effing games to keep their lifes work from being looted? You remind me of the God-cursed politicians like Swimmer Kennedy who say "The Estate Tax is only fair!" while they've got accountants finding shelters and investment to protect THEIR estate from it.

The Death Tax if theft, not pure and simple. You want me to actually believe there's anything fair about it? Require that EVERY politician has to face it: no shelters, no investments, no nothing, their estate HAS to be fully taxed on it. They won't do it, but they'll insist others pay it. So screw you and your 'fair' bullshit.

Why yes, my language does deteriorate some when I'm this pissed off.

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Anonymous said...

Wait until the bas*ards go after the IRA's. Talk about a death wish.