Monday, September 06, 2010

Ok, even for the most non-professional small-town PD or SO this would be disgusting,

from the EffingBI there are no words:
"A former special agent in charge of the Dallas FBI office said he tried to fire Carlos Ortiz 18 years ago after the troubled agent was involved in a seven-hour armed standoff with SWAT team members," Jason Trahan of The Dallas Morning News informs us.

What? Wouldn't you and I be in prison for doing that, providing we survived the experience? What's this "tried to fire" business? How could the guy still be walking the streets, let alone being provided a badge and a gun?

"Ortiz, who is currently accused of plotting to kill his wife and his former boss, was deemed fit for duty by psychiatrists."

And then there's this:

"Ortiz remained an FBI special agent for nearly two more decades after that, despite initiating a second armed standoff in 2004 when, authorities say, he took his own child hostage."

Aha! Got him this time, right? No?

"Again, Ortiz passed a mental evaluation and returned to duty."
You or I would probably still be in prison from the first hostage-taking; this clown STAYED A VERY SPECIAL EFFINGBI AGENT. EVEN AFTER THE SECOND TIME.


martywd said...

Truly infuriating.   Now I better take my blood pressure med.   #@*^&!!!

Windy Wilson said...

Gotta love the power and effect of unions where they really have no business being!

Keith said...

he Only Ones...