Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm going to start this with Salisbury Police Officer Mark Hunter

who has a positive allergy to being recorded while on the job:
The resisting-arrest conviction last week of Felicia Gibson has left a lot of people wondering. Can a person be charged with resisting arrest while observing a traffic stop from his or her own front porch?

Salisbury Police Officer Mark Hunter thought so, and last week District Court Judge Beth Dixon agreed. Because Gibson did not at first comply when the officer told her and others to go inside, the judge found Gibson guilty of resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer.

Gibson was not the only bystander watching the action on the street. She was the only one holding up a cell-phone video camera. But court testimony never indicated that Hunter told her to stop the camera; he just told her to go inside.

Asked to explain the charge of resisting arrest, Salisbury Police Chief Rorie Collins provided general comments. He was not discussing the specifics of the Gibson case
Probably because he knows this is bullshit.

This has various bullcrap about how horrible Breitbart is, but does hit some of the story:
Apparently Cameron has been boasting about being ready to debate climate-change deniers whenever, wherever. And he had been reaching out to tempt the likes of Glenn Beck of Sen. James Inhofe (R-Ok).

They couldn’t make it. And instead they recommended the others, including Breitbart.

Breitbart accepted, as did the other two scientists, but on Saturday – as the writer awaited his flight to Aspen at the airport – Cameron’s people called to cancel the panel.

What was the reason? They didn’t give him one.

So Breitbart, annoyed and insulted, called me.

"Cameron is concocting a fake public posturing that he’ll take on anyone,” he said. “He’s still in bravado mode, while wasting people’s time saying he’s willing to take people on.”

So I asked Cameron’s organizer Richard Greene, to give the reason.

He wouldn’t give one, either.
Gee, I wonder why?
But then as the debate approached James Cameron's side started changing the rules.

They wanted to change their team. We agreed.

They wanted to change the format to less of a debate-to "a roundtable". We agreed.

Then they wanted to ban our cameras from the debate. We could have access to their footage. We agreed.

Bizarrely, for a brief while, the worlds [sic] most successful film maker suggested that no cameras should be allowed-that sound only should be recorded. We agreed [sic]

Then finally James Cameron, who so publicly announced that he "wanted to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out," decided to ban the media from the shoot out.

He even wanted to ban the public. The debate/roundtable would only be open to those who attended the conference.

No media would be allowed and there would be no streaming on the internet. No one would be allowed to record it in any way.

We all agreed to that.

And then, yesterday, just one day before the debate, his representatives sent an email that Mr. "shoot it out " Cameron no longer wanted to take part. The debate was canceled
All that was left out of the first story for some reason...

Portland Mayor Sam Adams seems to be an interesting sort:
Yesterday, I shared a message Portland Mayor Sam Adams sent me, where he "encouraged" me "to denounce the Oregon Firearms Federation statement" responding to his plan for imposing more "gun control" edicts in the city.

Let's take a closer look at his message and respond to the points he raises:

"David, please actually read the website; the quote, ' gun lobby,' is right on the front page."

I have, Mr. Mayor. I linked to it last Friday at the end of my column
Forgive me, Mr. Mayor, if I don't think my going about in public with a gun poses as much of a threat as you going about with a car. With your fly undone. And, inexplicably (except you do control the police), with no test for alcohol, despite statements indicating this was a concern based on two independent witness observations.

Good grief, you're quite the control freak, aren't you? What is it, a projection thing, where those who can't--or won't control themselves assume the rest of us must possess the same defects in character and self-control?

Sorry, Mr. Mayor. I will not denounce Oregon Firearms Federation. I applaud them

Guys, you're overlooking one important thing: Obama doesn't really give a rats ass about you.

Obama wants to speak directly to the kids again. Isn't that just wonderful?

Speaks for itself:
Iranian authorities have banned all advertisements for pets, pet food and other pet products.

The decision by Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance comes after the fatwa was issued by powerful cleric Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi.

While keeping dogs as pets has become increasingly fashionable in Iran in recent years, the fatwa cited Islamic tradition, which dictates that dogs are unclean
Mohammed hated dogs and liked cats; might explain a few things.

And that's it for now.

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Sailorcurt said...

I found this interesting in the Cameraon story:

Joe Romm, a physicist who also was supposed to be on the panel...explained that … well, he couldn’t really explain it.

“Mr. Cameron’s people live in the world of Hollywood,” he said. “They have no idea what Breitbart did with Shirley Sherrod.”

Ok ... so? So “no one in the progressive movement would sit down with Andrew Breitbart.”

Wait a minute...I thought AGW was "settled science", is non-partisan and is a strictly scientific issue.

Why would scientists on Cameron's side self-describe as members of "the progressive movement" and why would that matter in a debate about a scientific subject???

The mask is slipping.