Saturday, August 28, 2010

Well, isn't that just friggin' amazing?

The proposal was made by some birdwatcher organization on August 3 and then opened up for public comment by the Environmental Prosecution Agency. That comment period was supposed to run through October, but after the bullet-ban proposal got public scrutiny this week, the agency suddenly remembered that it doesn't have jurisdiction over bullets. Really (PDF):
EPA has determined that TSCA does not provide the Agency with authority to address lead shot and bullets as requested in your petition, due to the exclusion found in TSCA 3(2)(B)(v). Consequently, we are denying that portion of your petition.
I agree with Gabriel: some enviroweenie socialists(redundancy, I know) at EPA thought it didn't matter that they had no effing authority to do this, or when they were informed basically said "We're serving The Lightworker and the Progressive Future, so we don't care what the law says!" Right up until two things happened:
1. The comment period quickly filled up with "You have no damned authority to do this, and we're going to roast Congress until they deal with you!", and
2. The Lightworker & Co. realized just what a shitstorm had just been triggered and told their minions at EPA to knock it the hell off: "You WANT to make people even more pissed off just before the election?!?"
And I'll throw in 2a: "This is Senator Foghorn(or Rep. Kickback), and I want to know WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME?!?! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY CALLS I'VE HAD ALREADY? AND I WAS IN TROUBLE BEFORE THIS!!!"

So, for the moment at least, this shit is stopped.

Added: Big Dick weighs in with a link to a Tulsa World article. The comments are filled with the standard Tulsa "Inhofe is a threat to humanity" crap, which includes this from a moron going by Becker:
Once again, Inhofe demonstrates his idiocy. Lead bullets gave been banned in indoor shooting ranges for over a decade. Why?
Really, Becker? Then why does the indoor range I use not have a problem with them? Or most other indoor ranges? True, some don't allow non-jacketed bullets, but 'lead bullets banned'? Bullshit; you have a choice of being ignorant, a liar or a fool, which do you choose?

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Keith said...

From the wording of comments which guys in some other places claim to have left. I wonder whether there was an element of;

"Shit! becoming cannon fodder wasn't part of the job description when I took this job..."

Now that they've backed down, keep the political pressure on to get the agency disbanded, before it comes back for another try.