Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's raining, in a good way, here;

not in a good way for the National Socialist Democrats:
Faced with that bad news, the pollsters came up with several recommendations for Democratic candidates. When talking about Obamacare, Democrats should "keep claims small and credible." They should promise to "improve" the law. They should avoid talking about policy and stick to "personal stories" of people who will benefit from Obamacare. And above all, the pollsters advise, "don't say the law will reduce costs and deficit."

It's a stunning about-face for a party that saw national health care as its signature accomplishment. "This is the first time we've seen from Democrats that they clearly understand they have a serious problem in terms of selling this legislation," says Republican pollster David Winston
Y'know, if they'd actually bothered to LISTEN to all those voters saying "We don't want this mess!" back when...

Speaking of NSD clowns,
Senior Obama administration officials concluded the federal moratorium on deepwater oil drilling would cost roughly 23,000 jobs, but went ahead with the ban because they didn’t trust the industry’s safety equipment and the government’s own inspection process, according to previously undisclosed documents.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce economist Martin Regalia on Monday said the tax increases advocated by President Obama would essentially kill any chance for an economic rebound.

“That’s what you’re suggesting, is a corporate bullet in the head,” Regalia said. “That is going to be a bullet in the head for an awful lot of people that are going to be laid off and an awful lot of people who are hoping to get their jobs back.”

But I'm sure Obama & Co. calling them 'tax breaks for the rich' over and over will take care of that, right?

Yeah, the upset over the Ground Zero mosque is all because of the JOOOOS!!!

Zoom in close enough, that's one colorful spider:

And on the critter front, when riding through the mountains you really need to watch out for large things in the road.

While various weenies are whining about the horrible Israelis, here's some more on that 'peaceful' blockade-running mission. And a list of some of the other 'help the hungry people' missions.

And now I'll leave you, to make one more try at locating those bleepin' keys.

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Keith said...

Grizzly vs Harley

I've skinned and cut up a few sheep and deer that have been hit by cars. With some of the deer, I trust the speed estimates that the drivers gave, and a kiss off a car at 50 MPH does one hell of a lot more damage than a good softpoint 180 grain out of a .308 - like half of the animal's muscles ruptured and its guts too.

I don't want either, but I'd reckon on a much better chance of surviving catching a .308