Friday, August 27, 2010

The only half-decent shot I've gotten of them

The camera keeps focusing on crap in the background instead of what it's aimed at. Yes, I have a manual. No, I haven't figured out why. Going to fiddle with it and try again later.


wolfwalker said...

What kind of camera? Does it have the ability to move the focusing point?

Knotthead said...

Get close. Compose your shot. Be still and wait for them to come. This shot required less than a minute.

AndyJ said...

I finally got to count these little sugar addicts. Well almost. In the morning when it is cooler, they are a little more tolerant letting more eat at the stations. The other morning I counted a minimum of 12 and as many as 14-16. They look like flies on a pile of manure. I've gone through 22 pounds of sugar this year (I've been mixing 1 cup of sugar to 1 1/2 cups of water)and these guys are drinking 7 cups of sugar water every other day. Probably in a month or so they will start their trip down south and I'll have to increase the sugar to 2:1.

Firehand said...

Wolf, it's a Fuji. Yeah, it's supposed to focus on the object in the center, but for some reason isn't on this.

Andy, you're using a much sweeter mix, I'll try it.

Knott, that's a beautiful shot!