Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The hummers evade me

Shut up, dammit, that's not what I meant. And you know it.

Spent a while in the back sitting and waiting, and saw the birds around, but the wouldn't go to the feeder. Moved a ways further back, more of the same.

Maybe they're allergic to amateur paparazzi?


martywd said...

You've been watching them far longer than I (just put out a 'Ultra HmmmZinger' about a month ago).   They are extremely skittish.   I've gotten a couple of pics (of them) at the feeder, but only from inside the house through the glass.   Luck had a lot to do with getting those pics!

Scott McCray said...

It'll get better over time - "ours" will fly within a couple of feet of us and b*tch at us when we are putting fresh nectar out! ("Hurry up, dammit!")

Knotthead said...

I find that if I get close and remain still for a few moments, they will ignore me. Usually takes less than a minute before they are back at it. They seem to be skittish about movement more than anything else.