Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well, this is special

The second set of keys, the ones that vanished yesterday, reappeared.

In a window.

No, I don't. But at least they're back.


Keith said...

That's a gremlin infestation alright!

Anonymous said...

Not gremlins, it's obviously a Troll. Leave a small gift overnight, Trolls traditionally appreciate the recognition, and lost articles will start showing up. Laugh if you will, but six million Norwegians can't be wrong all the time. I haven't lost a key or misplaced a pocket knife in over 40 years. An ounce or two of milk or a bit of gravy or frosting left out in a dish every few weeks is a small price to pay even if the cats get it. Your Kitchen Troll still appreciates the gesture as he likes cats.

Gerry N.

Marja said...

Leave milk, and be polite when you talk about it. And never talk to it directly, they can be fickle.