Friday, March 12, 2010

The joys of spring: the birds are chirping,

the grass and weeds are growing, and the bike battery crapped out.

Actually, the battery's not a formal sign, it just seemed to fall into line this time. I'd had a problem last week while out and thought I had some bad gas, then it would just crank over enough to start. Time.

As to the grass, few days ago found a grass catcher that'd fit my mower, and hit the spots that needed it in the back yard; it works, and I decided I needed a bigger compost heap; amazing how much stuff raking wasn't getting. Looking around the other day found some 'hardware cloth' made of heavy plastic, different widths and hole sizes; got a 48"x25' roll for nine bucks. Cut a suitable length, wove a piece of steel rod through the overlapped ends to lock it closed and three more at other points to hold it open & upright: new heap. Two, actually, one replacing the old chicken-wire one and a new. I think this stuff'll work out pretty well.

This region is now at that 'iffy' stage of starting the garden: seeds, ok; stuff that sticks up, only if you'll have a way to cover it. There's always a last freeze end of March-first half of April, so have to be able to put a tarp over the stuff above ground till that window passes.
The driveway is now cleared, the bike reassembled, and other things to do.

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Windy Wilson said...

Yes, here in Los Angeles we changed to daylight savings time 6 weeks early, and it has now been unseasonably hot for three days.

btw, for me the battery crapping out is a sure sign winter is on its way, as that usually happens on the first really cold (a relative term, true) day after Labor Day.