Sunday, March 07, 2010

Home again, home again

Few quick bits pointed out/ran across, then unpacking and such to do:
Troops like this are the ones the Brown- and, for that matter the Blair- government shorts on equipment and supplies; the bastards aren't fit to lick the troops jockstraps.

Of course, Brown & Co. are so busy figuring new ways to screw the subjects, so screwing the troops isn't anything big. To them.

Yglesias doesn't care for the Constitution; well, an awful lot of people don't care for him and his collectivist bullshit, either.

And, thanks to Rodger, what happened to the elephant. Y'know, Capstick wrote several times about how, after a hunter killed his beast and they took the best cuts for camp, the locals would just appear and butcher the remains(which was most of whatever); and they didn't have the starvation problem these people have.


Keith said...

VAT on food!

That'll be a test of whether the Brits still have balls!

TEA parties UK?

Rory said...

Sure, why not? Everything is taxed these days any way. Vat on coffins?