Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So being 'proactive' means "Let's arrest him even though

he hasn't done anything."
Negotiators and a SWAT team from Medford police safely took a man — whose name wasn't released — into protective custody Monday morning in the 500 block of Effie Street, Medford police said in a news release.

He was taken to Rogue Valley Medical Center for a mental-health evaluation
So somebody apparently said "I don't trust him" and the police decided to put that messy Constitution and stuff out of the way and arrest him. And steal his property. And force him into a 'mental-health evaluation."

These people should have those badges taken away from them. Forever.


Anonymous said...

It probably falls under Just In Case law. PFFFT!!

BobG said...

So if a guy gets laid off from work and buys a box of condoms, does that mean they should arrest him for being a possible serial rapist?