Sunday, March 07, 2010

It's starting to rain, but at least it's well above freezing

Which makes it a good thing got the heavy stuff done yesterday; helping Dad take a tree down.

Didn't start out as 'the tree', just some limbs damaged in the ice storm. But then we found more damage, and a deep, bad spot down low in the trunk, so the tree. Section at a time so we could avoid the lines it had grown out over. So got the limbs down, with me neither falling out or imitating a light bulb, then the trunk.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need something to drink(no, dammit, I mean tea) and some breakfast.


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to hate trees. My moron neighbor has a huge red alder in his yard. 100' tall and 30" diameter at ten feet huge. It is rotted down the center of the trunk, has large (15") branches falling off and over the years has leaned against the fence, nearly collapsing it. I've asked him several times to have it taken down, even offering to pay half. His wife is a real Gaia worshipping, warmist, tree hugging idiot and refuses even to hear about it. Luckily, last winter was nearly wind storm free so the tree hasn't blown down. Yet. The normal wind pattern here will almost certainly push that tree onto my house, where it will come into our bedroom, seriously damaging the roof, West and North walls where they adjoin. I've pointed out to him that my insurance company will pay for the damage to my house and recover the money, every red cent of it from him. I've called the adjusters from my company to confirm this. I will also have standing to sue his idiot socks off for damages because there is nothing here that will come as a surprise.

Except to his wife. Sunrise comes as a surprise, more of a shock really, to that drooling bint.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to sue the moron to force him to take the tree down before it falls, so I just have to hope it falls while The missus and I are in a different part of the house, or it falls in a non damaging direction. This means we have to sleep on the fold-a-bed in the front room on windy nights. God in Heaven, I hate dealing with lackwits like this. Yes, he's an O'bumbo voter, and has lost his job. (He sees no connection) With any luck, he'll lose the house before the tree falls and the bank will pay to have it removed so the house will sell. I do feel sorry for his two little girls, because having parents with combined IQ's which could be rolled on dice is not generally a good thing.

Gerry N.

WV: atonfrig. "My beer cooler is the incarnaton of the Sun Disc, be afraid, very afraid."

Firehand said...

Some people I know moved into a house a couple of years ago where the trees had probably never been pruned. They got a tree service in to cut them back as needed and take a couple out completely. Some of the neighbors had fits, with one guy yelling "That tree has been there at least fifty years!", etc. Did it anyway.

About three months later we had that nasty ice storm, and among the damage was the most noisy and abusive neighbor with a tree he'd refused to do anything with through the roof and into his kitchen.