Saturday, March 13, 2010

A gadget that might come in handy

Was reminded of this today when I realized A: I didn't have one and B: I needed one. This thingis for the occasions when you have to shorten a small screw that's already short, or just so small- like the 4-40 in the picture below- that it's hard to hold onto

It's just two pieces of thin, springy steel clamped together at one end- pop-rivet in this case- so it stays together, but not so tight that you can't pivot it open. Drill a hole or two, several if you need for different sizes. You open it up, put the screw in a hole so the head will be between the pieces when they're closed
with the shaft sticking out. Now you can grind or file or whatever without the language practice required when a dinky little screw jumps out of your fingers or pliers. Or burns you when it gets hot.

That steel strap they use to hold bundles of brick & such together works well. You can make the holes just big enough for the shaft to slip in, or in the deluxe version drill undersize and then run a tap in so you can actually screw the screw in for a tighter grip.


Anonymous said...

Or you could go to HD or the local hardware store and buy the crimper with the four sizes of screw cutting holes built in... jist sayin'.

Anonymous said...

That electrical crimper with the screw cutter thingum-bob in it doesn't have 6-48 or 8-40.

The do-hickey Firehand shows is in Brownell's catalog and is called a "Screw Gizzy" I bought a bunch of stuff from Brownell's thirty or so years ago and got a screw gizzy then 'cause it was cheaper and easier than making one. I've made half a dozen since as gifts. And strapping steel is the perfect material to make 'em from.

It is a necessary tool.

Gerry N.

Firehand said...

THAT'S where I remembered it from!

First time I decided to do my own drilling and tapping to install a receiver sight... I hadn't known 6-48 taps were something that had to be ordered.