Friday, March 12, 2010

So now I find out that Tom Hanks is another leftist idiot

who really doesn't think much of this country, or the troops who serve.

Uh, Hanks, have you considered- aw, fuckit, never mind. Screw you Hanks, and the poxed donkey you rode in on.


Arthur said...

And he made his statements at the same time the History Channel was showing "WWII in HD" and "World at War" - Bataan Death March, The Rape of Nanking and all.

F*&# you Hanks.

Anonymous said...

The missus and I have just had a heart to heart. The Tee Vee is failing. I said, and I quote, "Good." She wants to buy a new one. I don't. We'll end up with one, of course, but this time it's going in the basement. That way I won't have to go into the bedroom to hide from it. I've gotten so damn sick of the leftist assholes spewing their idiocy on that damn screen, that sometimes it's all I can do not to put a 9mm round through it and HerSelf knows it. I've even checked where the bullet will go after it passes through the outside wall of the house, that's how frustrated I am with the damn thing. I sent snail mail letters to the management cretins at all three broadcast outlets here telling them that I haven't and won't watch the tripe they broadcast ever again. One of the lackwit talking heads lives a few houses from me. She's black, cute as a button, 4'06" tall, and not quite the intellectual equal of a bale of moldy straw. It seems all the teevee ijits are cute as buttons, short as midgets and terminally stupid. Try as I might, I cannot insult the fool, she's simply too stupid to get it.

Gerry N.

SHARON said...

Shucks, I use to like Tom Hanks, now I'll have to put him in the same boat as Jane Fonda.

Keith said...

I can heartily recommend not having or watching TV.

Just be aware of all the reading you'll do and how little you will end up having in common with the vast majority of folks, and, how quickly and easily you'll be able to change light smalltalk into an awkward and embarrasing silence.

It's great-
If you go so far,
You'll never get back to where the rest of them are...*

*Zappa (L ron Hoover, in Joes Gaarage act 2)