Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well, hell, since I'm in a bad mood I might as well cover both items

Item the First: I had one of the early model CRKT M16 knives. 'Had' being the operative word, and it seems to have disappeared, and it's one of the best pocketknives I've had. So I've been digging around and it seems that, while they have a whole range of M16 models now, there's a problem:
mine had a 'Lawks' mechanism; when you opened it, the liner lock locked, but if you wanted to be super-certain it was locked you could rock a lever on the back of the grip forward, which locked the lock. Well, now all the damn things seem to have an 'Auto-Lawks', which goes on when you open the knife. So now, if you want to be able to close it one-handed- that and one-handed opening being very handy things- you have to pull the Auto back and hold it(spring loaded) while then pushing the liner lock off AND then close the blade. And I really don't like that kind of juggling.

Item the Second: is on the Continuing Saga of the 15-22. As in it's back at the factory. Because, after posting on it being back from the THIRD trip, I looked it all over, put one of their empty-chamber indicators in place, dropped the bolt and CLICK-click-click. "What the f-?" F- being that the extractor had extracted itself from the bolt. Again.

Phone call was made, which began with "I need a return ticket, and I want to speak with a supervisor." You can be proud of me: I didn't lapse into profanity or excessive verbiage either one, while still getting the point across that a bleeping .22 rifle should not require FOUR TRIPS BACK TO THE FACTORY.

Ahem. I do believe they got the proper idea that I am a Dissatisfied Customer Who Is Tired Of This. This time the shipping label arrived by e-mail within an hour or so of ending the call. They're replacing the rifle with a new one. Which I am going to shoot the crap out of and see if this one will actually continue to work the way they're supposed to.



Anonymous said...

Like I said before. Ruger 10-22 bought in 1969 for $48.95, has had tens of thousands of rounds through it and functions flawlessly to this day.

Marlin M60. I picked this one up outside a bar and grill fifteen or twenty years ago for $20.00. It was old and worn when I got it, I cleaned it, "refinished" the stock with some Lemon Pledge and have put probably fifteen thousand rounds through it since, and it functions flawlessly to this day. When my Nephew gets home from his Mission, it will be his plinking rifle.

Gerry N.

Firehand said...

Daughter's first rifle was a M60; still ticking. Son's was the carbine version: got it cheap because 'it didn't work right', cleaned the sludge out and it's still ticking.

I'm still not understanding how S&W can eff up a .22 this bad.

Anonymous said...

As it is a new rifle coming, if it doesn't work, just sell it.

If it was an old rifle, I'd suggest modifying the bolt to take a different extractor, eg a Ruger 10-22 extractor, but with a pin to stop it blowing off if you ever get a case head go pop.

NCLivingBrit said...

Try Wal Mart for one of the old model CRTK's, I got a manual lock one there not so long ago, even if it does have the annoying partially serrated blade.

Firehand said...

Damn. I may have to overlook my 'Screw Wally World' long enough to go check.