Friday, March 12, 2010

Not only is New York full of nanny-state control-freak politicians,

they're too stupid- or uncaring- to actually find out what the hell they're talking about before they decide to push a law:
Ortiz admits that prior to introducing the bill he did not research salt’s role in food chemistry, its effect on flavor or his bill’s ramifications for the restaurant industry. He tells me he was prompted to introduce the bill because his father used salt excessively for many years, developed high blood pressure and had a heart attack.

“I think salt should be banned in restaurants. I ask if a dish has salt in it, and if I does, I get something else that doesn’t have salt,” Ortiz tells me, before going on to say that he has eaten, and expects he will continue to eat, among other things, ham, cheese and bread in restaurants, all of which contain salt.

...Regardless of the intent, and accepting its sponsor’s claim that it is part of his campaign to improve the public’s health, the bill exhibits profound ignorance not only of matters of taste — literally — but also of the chemistry of cooking
Know what? Screw the chemistry of cooking: Assemblyman Ortiz, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE AND MY FOOD, YOU LITTLE FASCIST WANNABE.
The bill doesn’t address significant matters, such as: Would salt be banned in processed foods or cured meats? Could a restaurant chef get around the ban on using added salt in a soup by, say, throwing in a sodium-laden ham hock? Ortiz didn’t have an answer for those question, saying repeatedly, “This all needs to be debated.”
The only thing that needs debate, you little bastard, is how far out of town you should be run on that rail. And how much tar & feathers to apply first.

No wonder Nanny Bloomberg want to be mayor of NYEffin' City forever: seems like up there he's surrounded by other control freaks like himself.


Anonymous said...

Like I posted on Marko's blog, what would happen if restaurants, delis, diners, food cart operators and their customers all sent Teh Ortizidiot a 2 oz. shaker of salt? 400 or 500 thousand salt shakers showing up at his offices in Brooklyn and Albany might get his attention. Hell, think of the fun if he got a couple million of 'em. How many food establishments are there in the State of NY, anyway? How many people eat in restaurants in NY every day?

If 500,000 2 oz shakers of salt, show up, that is 31 1/4 tons of salt. If each shaker comes with a pledge of $2 to his opponent at the next election, he will have to go find an honest job.

Gerry N.

Mattexian said...

That might not be a bad idea, on how to get rid of the salt shakers anyway. I'm sure the EPA has some regs against just tossing them into the garbage.

Patrick said...

You know, with Ortiz's confession that he himself regulates his salt intake by requesting different dishes, it implies that we are to stupid to do it ourselves. He's one of the Only1s. Only he has the power to self-regulate. You are incapable. He's going to take his superpower and use it for good.. to protect.. you.