Monday, August 24, 2009

It seems there's a movement to boycott Scotland and England

over turning the terrorist loose. Which has generated both support and, ah, let's call it 'unhappiness':
NOTE: While most emails have thus far been very supportive, whether they be from Americans, British citizens, and many others, there have been a few British and Scottish individuals who have sent threatening and extremely defamatory messages towards American relatives and friends of the Lockerbie victims.
First, anybody over there who's sending crap to the families of the murdered? Screw you, you're a sucky example of a human being.

Lest there be any doubt, this boycott is not aimed against the people of Scotland or the United Kingdom, but against the governments of Scotland and Britain. The unfortunate reality is that initiating boycotts against the tourism, banking, and oil industries of a particular country are necessary in order to force that government to listen and understand and admit their error.
Actually, it IS aimed at the people of those countries; because they're the ones who put those politicians in office.

If they're yelling "Don't blame us!", that's kind of like people in Massachusetts saying "Don't blame us for what Barney Frank did, it's hurting us too!" Well, yes it is; so why did you reelect him, you bastards? You put the clowns in office, so you have some responsibility for what they do.

I'm undecided on the boycott, but I have to say I'm leaning toward it. Near the angle of repose...


Windy Wilson said...

I was considering a comment to one of the Scottish papers on the order of, "After a decision like that one, I can see it will be necessary for you to be governed by the English for a few decades more.

And btw, you might actually be speaking to one of the few in Massachusetts who did not vote for Barney Frank. After all, I have NEVER voted for Senators Feinstein or Boxer, but I got them anyway.

BoycottScotland said...

Find out how you can do your bit, and pass this on to every American you know -

The Boycott can only work if we all do our part and go ALL-OUT. We must stop using all Scottish produce, now!

Firehand said...

It's only the people in his district who voted for him I blame(the bastards).

'Course, in the case of the CA twins, there's a HELL of a lot of people to blame.

Wee Jock McPoo Plop said...

Very clever little joke from "Boycott Scotland", shame most of those inventions weren't made either in Scotland or by Scots,

even if they had been, how much innovation and invention comes from that place now? 80% of the economy is state sector and paid for by taxes on England.

MPs from Scottish constituencies get to vote on matters soley affecting England (90% of UK population is in England) English MPs get no votes on matters given to the Greater Strathclyde District Council (Scottish Parliament)Despite English voters having to fund it.

That has to change, and the longer it goes on, the nastier that change will be

Fire said...

I'm for the boycott. Gotta teach dumb asses a lesson.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know the only Scottish thing I buy is a bottle of Glen Garioch every other year.

Oh, well........I'll finish the one I have and buy something else from here on. Any suggestions for a good American liquor in the $50.00 a fifth range?

Gerry N.

Firehand said...

I've heard good things about Elijah Craig, going to try it sometime. No idea what it costs, have to find out.

Keith said...

Canadian club is cheap, but it will give the porridge eater's best a good run for its money