Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two things I'll throw out

The first is from Francis Porretto on the 'competition' the President and a bunch of socialist politicians and activists insist the 'health care reform' will bring:
The above should make it plain that, when government decides to "compete" with the private sector in any area, it sits down to the game as dealer -- and with a marked deck. Its ability to coerce payment for its "services," whether they're wanted or not, gives it the power to drive its competitors from the field. Few persons are willing to "pay twice" for the same "service," even if the "services" involved are hardly comparable other than in name. As the coerced payments for the government's "service" rise, the private alternatives are starved out of the market. The mechanism is as simple and sure as anything in political economy.

But of course, advocates for the government's "service" never intended that result. Of course not! We just want you to have a choice! What do you think we are? Indoctrinators? Dictators?
Well, actually, yeah.

I'll add, when someone mentions school vouchers and the educationcrats start screaming about how "You want to destroy the schools!", etc., they tend to leave something out: here in OK a couple of years ago a voucher bill was in the legislature collecting all the usual BS, with the education lobby wanting very much for people not to think about something; the schools parents would take their kids out of would actually gain. As I recall, the parents would receive a voucher for 80% of their school costs with which they could move their kid to another public school or to a private, which means the bad school or public system with no responsibility to teach, feed or supply that kid would still get to keep 20% of the money. That's a GAIN, people, and yet they still screamed that people in favor of vouchers were trying to destroy the education system. Which makes the educrats liars as well as- in all too many cases- socialists using the system to indoctrinate kids.

The other relates to Obama and his trying to get rabbis and priests and preachers to tell their flocks to push for Obama's Socialist Medical Heaven Plan and making comments about people 'bearing false witness' and them being 'God's partners in life and death' I think it was. This is on the same level as the bullshit every December from politicians and RWPPs like Sharpton and homeless advocates about how Jesus 'was born homeless' and so we need to care for the 'homeless' just like we care about God. They never like to mention, or have it pointed out, that Joseph and Mary had a home; they were in Bethleham involuntarily because Rome had decided that they not only needed a new census for tax purposes but that everyone had to go back to the place where they'd been born to be counted. So, along with a lot of other people(which is why there was no room at the inn) they had to leave home, even though she was pregnant, and travel to somewhere else to be properly counted for tax purposes. Jesus was born in a manger instead of at home because of the demands of the tax man.

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