Monday, August 24, 2009

In which Honduras firmly tells those interfering in their government

to piss off.
Honduras's Supreme Court has rejected a Costa Rica-brokered deal that would have restored ousted President Manuel Zelaya to power and sternly warned that he faces arrest if he returns.

In a ruling late Saturday that fell in line with similar pronouncements by the military-backed regime, the high court said that Zelaya will not be allowed to return to power, and "cannot avoid having to submit to established procedures of the penal process" should he return to Honduras
Don't you just love the wording in that second paragraph? The 'military-backed regime'? Apparently, if the military in a nation follows the orders of their Supreme Court to serve an arrest warrant AND defend their borders against intruders that makes it a 'military-backed regime'... Fargin' moron that wrote this obviously has a soft spot for communist tyrant wannabes; still refers to it as
... a June 28 military-backed coup and replaced with interim leader Roberto Micheletti.
Hey, AFP, your prejudice is showing...

The ruling may signal the death knell for the proposal mediated by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias that called for Zelaya to return to power, an amnesty for political crimes, and early elections.
I should damn well hope it does; if this clown shows back up he SHOULD be arrested and tried.

Honduras; holding to the ideal that NOBODY is above the law. Maybe that's why they seem to make The Obama nervous.

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Windy Wilson said...

This is good news. Just because the military are involved in a matter of succession doesn't mean there has been a coup. I forget who it was that said words to the effect that there is a big difference between those who push little old ladies in front of trains and those who push little old ladies out of the way of trains, and it is the worst sort of intellectual dishonesty to lump them both together into "people who push littl old ladies".