Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A conviction for one of the beasts of Knox County

Jurors this morning convicted Letalvis Cobbins of first-degree murder in the torture-slaying of Knox County couple Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

The verdicts were announced before a packed crowd, including the Christian and Newsom families, in Knox County Criminal Court

If you haven't read about this, or have lost track, check out this; some background and some personal thoughts from someone in the area. Including this:
The last thing that I really struggle with is the issue of the women, at least one (she admits it) and probably others, who knew that there was another young woman, just about their age, hogtied, blindfolded and bleeding in the bedroom at their boyfriends’ rental house, and yet they went about their lives inside and outside the house during the day or more that Channon was being held captive. They did things like prepare sandwiches for the men between their individual forays in and out of the bedroom to rape that other young woman. At least one of the women has children of her own, just like Channon’s mother. At least one of them knew that Channon’s mouth was washed out with household cleaning chemicals in a bizarre and horrible attempt to erase evidence of rape. But these women, who could have ended Channon’s suffering and saved her life DID NOTHING.
I have to go back to something a comedian once said, but which is dead right in some cases: Some people just look better dead. And the women who helped this happen should pay at least some price for it. Right now they're probably bitching that it's racist white people who are mad at them, because of course THEY couldn't be at fault. And, of course, we'll have the apologists making excuses for them all and demanding the penalty not be 'too harsh'. As if there were any such thing for actions like these.

I do think Mamapundit is wrong in her insistence that race had nothing to do with the crimes; I believe it did. It's also why a lot of the media basically went out of their way to avoid talking about it if they could; if a gang of whites had done this to a black couple, we'd still be hearing about it on the national news from RWPP's and media weenies.

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