Thursday, August 27, 2009

A good reason to never set foot in New York City

or provide money to the Bloomberg Regime in any way:
Torraco urged Goldberg to call the state prosecutor or other person who would know about § 926A. Goldberg “told me federal law does not apply in the State of New York. He told me very condescendingly that he ain’t calling nobody and that I was in his jurisdiction.”

One of the commenters at Arms and the Law says Oh, and once this case is successfully settled, how about a class action against the Port Authority for those 50+ a year arrests their clowns make? Lets see, one goon and 50, how many goons are there that are ignorant and indifferent to the laws they presumably swore to uphold? Sounds like a wonderful idea; as Joe put it, until the people responsible for this crap start actually paying a price for it, they'll feel secure in violating the law and people's rights

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