Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scotland's Justice Secretary shows he's either a friggin' moron,

or one of the sorriest bastards I've seen in a while.
In Mr MacAskill’s statement yesterday to the Holyrood Parliament he said that the jubilation that greeted al-Megrahi in Libya, which included waving Scottish flags, was “a matter of great regret” to him. Libya had flouted assurances to the Scottish government that al-Megrahi would be given a muted reception in Tripoli, he said.

Mr MacAskill included al-Megrahi himself in his condemnation, saying that the man whom he had released on compassionate grounds because he was suffering from terminal cancer had shown “no sensitivity” by being a willing part of the triumphalist scenes
Because he believed he could trust the Libyan government, even when
Officials in the Libyan Government had boasted previously that al-Megrahi would be the “main guest”.

He had been received in Tripoli in “an inappropriate manner”, Mr MacAskill said. “It showed no compassion or sensitivity to the families of the 270 victims of Lockerbie. Assurances had been given by the Libyan Government that any return would be dealt with in a low-key and sensitive fashion.”

And he trusted the Libyans. And how he's whining about their 'betrayal'...

Can I go with friggin' moron AND sorry bastard?


Keith said...

I'm beginning to think Megrahi may have been guilty after all,

although his possible guilt still doesn't explain how US inteligence guys happened to be less than 1 hours drive away when the plane came down and knew to drive to a one horse Scottish town immediately, yet paramedics who could have saved some in the nose section took to long to arrive.

It also does not explain why the US contingent knew that there was heroin on the flight.


Joy Reed said...

I understand having compassion for people. However, terrorists are brainwashed, mentally unstable, and dangerous..