Sunday, August 23, 2009

formerly Great Britain really has become a socialist hellhole

run by tyrants who can't stand anyone not doing what they're told; not being a good, submissive little subject. Head to the Texas Partisan for some history on Philip Luty, and then to here to read of what the Brit government(miserable statist bastards that they are) have done to him
His home had been raided by a task force of Interpol and the Portuguese equivalent of the FBI’s counter-terrorism squad. They had specifically been asked to do so by Britain’s MI-5 as part of an investigation surrounding Mr. Luty. Some cyber-sleuthing among webmasters revealed that an RKBA-friendly (Right to Keep and Bear Arms) web guru had been contacted by Phil via his brother and asked to take the website down and wipe it. Phil had once again been scooped up by the British authorities, but under the newly modified anti-terror laws, had been able to do so without notifying anyone for weeks. After being pressured by friends and family, the Metropolitan Police finally only admit that Phil was arrested (on a date still not revealed) for “incitement of crimes” via his website, but would not provide a specific charge against him or any examples of what crimes or incitements to which they were referring.

At this time, there is no address to which to send positive correspondence to Phil, as the police who hold him refuse to say anything more, including where he is held

Mr. Luty has cancer; anyone think he'll received any of the 'compassion' a Libyan mass-murderer got?

I used to think I'd love to see Scotland and England; now, I'm half afraid to go; say the wrong damn thing and get reported, or be seen looking at a 'wrong' website and you could wind up disappearing the way Luty did, with a long time before anyone can find out what happened to you.

Paranoid? Maybe; considering what the Brit government is like nowadays, I don't think so. And if you don't think there are a lot of politicians and law enforcement weenies here who'd like to have the same kind of powers, and be able to stomp on us the same ways, you haven't been paying attention.


Mattexian said...

Cool! Thanks for the link, tho I wish it was for better circumstances. You think maybe if word of this gets around, that the US State and Justice Departments will issue statements of indignation? Me neither.

Anonymous said...

The shitbird excuse for law in england has been messing with Luty for a very long time. I was fortunate enough to buy a couple of his books back when you could.

I can certainly understand the reason the hoplophobes hate him to the point of trying to facilitate his demise.

Years ago on Luty wrote do-it-yourself books on how to manufacture your own sub-machine gun, shotgun, rifle or pistol using nothing that couldn't be purchased in the local hardware store.
AND he built a few of his designs to prove their viability. Additionally in those same books he included a few pithy remarks about the gun-haters in england that didn't go down well with them.

Keith said...

Thanks for posting about Luty. His shameful mis-treatment is further support of what a member of the Chinese Communist Party told me 10 days ago:

"This country (Britain) is more Communist than China"

"One of Churchill's most famous speeches is that of june 1940:

"We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills..."

It is said that, as he paused in the great uproar that greeted these words, Churchill muttered to a colleague next to him.

"And we'll fight them with the butt ends of broken beer bottles because that's bloody well all we've got!"

(From "The wicked wit of Winston Churchill" compiled by Dominique Enright 2001)

Britain Is in a much poorer state of preparedness now than it was then.

Churchill wrote in "My early Years" that when he was at Sandhurst in 1895, he and his fellow officer cadets feared that their military training would never be used in real war, as the nations of the world were all far too modern and civilised to ever fight each other...

In the 1930s he was alone among politicians in recognizing Hitler and Stalin's intentions, while the majority of politicians decried the damage the old war monger was doing to relations with valued trading partnes.

If Britain had been better prepared, WWii might never have been to fight.

What now?

The Chinese Communist Party can't accept blame for the declining economic fortunes,

Bare chested Gay icon, VLAD the imPUTINt is building national socialism Russian style,

we have any number of little mullahs who've studied how Communists took hearts and minds then took whole countries, and guess what? Pakistan has nukes

we could have a war any time one of that bunch wants one, and we wouldn't stand a bloody chance

-most places you'd be arrested for holding a beer bottle.

The Crimminals are out of control.

US experience shows that shall issue CCW reduces homicide and violent crime (not to mention the deterrence value of "A Nation of Riflemen"), but that would mean the British Home Office mandarins admitting that they've made a mistake and been compounding it with lies for the past 85+ years.

Enter Philip Luty, who not only argues the point, but, works to support his argument that gun control can never be achieved. He also manages to rub the establishment's noses in the shite they've been showering us in (tell me that disarming all, and prosecuting any citizens who try to defend themselves against predatory crimminals that the organs of the state are both un-able and un-willing to defend those citizens from is not shite?)

If the thought police had anything on Luty, it would have been the first item on the evening news shows.

I've never seen or communicated with the guy (I'd certainly like to meet him if he gets out of this one alive)but, nothing I have heard or read about him suggests that he is the slightest risk to anyone's safety.

Far less a risk to safety than a secret police who abduct citizens in secret and hold them without charge for the aparrent sin of embarrassing nameless faceless bureaucies.

Let's face it, every murder, every mugging and every assault over the annual figures (I'll be fair, let's have the figures per 100,000 population) that prevailed before the 1921 firearms act is a "success" for British gun control.

The "authorities" can kidnap and imprison the messenger, but not the message.