Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"The chief consequence of setting up the Holyrood parliament

has been that 129 Scottish villages are missing their idiots."


Keith said...

Love it!

Back home the porridge persons were the traditional enemy;

When the little scum came theiving, the locals wouldn't want to bury the remains and pollute their land...

There was no point in going to collect recompense if you didn't catch the theives, their's weren't worth the bother of bringing home.

You see the pretty postcards of little whitewashed scots cottages with thatched roofs?

Their main purpose was to house the midden - so the neighbours didn't steal any of it.

My Friend and Countryman Sydlivedinluton, has long planned four works of sculpture, to be collectivly known as "Wallace, in four parts"

That piece of terrorist (and probably welsh speaking)scum and his arsonist buddies burned too many villages in northern England, and in true Scots style, received his well deserved reward: BETRAYAL

I'd have to look up the exact year that King David of Scotland was caught marching an army south along Deere Street. His army was defeated at Neville's Cross, and he was taken prisoner. In true Scots style, his faithful subjects were happier to have him kept in Royal style by England, than pay for his return- Just one of the many times Scotland has gone to war with England on behalf of the French - and come second.

The French are of course (just as with 1914-18 and 1939-45) eternally grateful to their allies... (not).

I'd better stop before I commit some sort of bullshit crime by quoting history


Anonymous said...

Did you follow this link fron the Telegraph article:


Worth a look me thinks

All the arguments used for the handgun ban worked equally well if you substituted Scots for pistols.

We have now proven that the gun ban doesn't work, perhaps we should see if a ban on Scots will work?