Sunday, August 23, 2009

I was wrong: I have to post something else on that idiotic Scottish official

and his decision to release a convicted mass murderer 'for reasons of compassion'.
The international furore over the release of the Lockerbie bomber deepened today after he was seen embracing Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi.

In scenes that will provoke outrage among victims' families and the U.S. government, TV footage showed Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi meeting Gaddafi in Tripoli.

It came as Gordon Brown faced fresh pressure after shocking claims by Libya that the release of the bomber was linked explicity to trade deals benefiting Britain
Long article, I'd suggest you read it. I've just got a couple of bits to concentrate on. First, among the words from Lord Mandelson,
He also criticised the scenes of celebration in Libya and said: 'It's very insensitive. You just have to think about what is going through the minds of the families who have lost loved ones in a terrible tragedy.'
First, you fucking moron, it wasn't a 'tragedy', it was MASS MURDER; if you can't even keep that straight, what kind of effing excuse for a brain do you have? Second, what the hell is this 'insensitive' crap? You thought Gadaffi gave a crap what you thing, or the further harm done to the families of the victims?

And on the reaction, such as it is, of the Prime Minister:
As the sense of transatlantic dismay grows, Mr Brown and Mr Miliband have refused to condemn or back the mass murderer's release on Thursday - insisting it was purely a matter for the Scottish authorities.

David Cameron accused Mr Brown, who is on holiday in Scotland, of a colossal failure of leadership. The Tory leader wrote to him demanding to know whether he thought the release on compassionate grounds of Megrahi was 'right or wrong'.
Mr Cameron wrote: 'The fact that the decision to release was taken by the Scottish Justice Secretary does not preclude you, as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, from now expressing your opinion on a subject that is of great public concern, and which affects Britain's international reputation and our relations with our allies.

'It is curious that while others have commented, Britain's Prime Minister has not. I hope you will now take the opportunity to do so.'

Critics said the disclosure that Mr Brown had written to Colonel Gaddafi undermined his insistence the UK had not been involved in the case
And there's some blather about the 'strong' reaction of President Obama, which amounted to "Hey, I told you not to give him a welcome like that! Weren't you listening?"

You know what really, REALLY pisses me off here? Besides the bullshit from the Scottish authorities, that is? This line from the letter the islamist shitbag wrote asking for clemency:
My continued incarceration in HMP Greenock is not conducive to my well being as my life nears its end.
Reading that is enough to damn near make me blow an artery. Everybody's supposed to be worried about what's 'conducive to his well being'? THIS is the kind of garbage being used to justify sending the bastard home? Of course, the article notes some of the past of the moron Justice Minister who decided this:
Mr. MacAskill, a former lawyer, also came under fire last month when it was revealed that George Wright, a 23-year old yob who beat a grandfather to death in an unprovoked street attack, was being let out of the open jail for home visits.

Well, Scotland, this is the result of the people you elected to office and the decisions and laws you backed. Or just sat on your ass and watched being done to you. Take back the damn country, or screw you; I'm in no damn mood for sympathy.

I also just have to note this comment from Christine in Whiteabbey:
Will the people who left anti Scottish comments here now take them back given that it is now clear that the English were involved.

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Mattexian said...

Naw, I've been blaming the Brits for their part in it: they've been making the Scots wear trousers for more than 270 years (except when it was advantageous, i.e. letting the Highland Regiments wear kilts into battle against whoever the Brits are fighting this decade).