Monday, March 09, 2009

Yeah, well, I'd like to trace my ancestry back to Conan,

but that don't make it so.
The remark provoked much headshaking in the parliament of a bloc that likes to trace back its democratic tradition thousands of years to the days of classical Greece.
Very conveniently passing over all those monarchies and dictatorships and socialist 'people's republics' that watered the ground with blood for centuries*... Guess what, bozos? Our republic IS older than your somewhat free governments. Which are becoming steadily less free as your socialist governments keep moving toward fascism.

As to Clinton?
Parliament President Hans-Gert Poettering was effusive in his praise, saying that with the new administration, the United States and Europe once again "share the same values."

"What you said mostly could have been said by a European," he told Clinton after she fielded questions ranging from climate change to energy security and aid to Africa and one on gay rights from a participant wearing an "I love Hillary" t-shirt
Snork. Snuffle. "...said by a European" Personally I find that to be something of damning with faint praise, if not a flat-out insult. I don't doubt Hillary Clinton shares your socialist('progressive' if you prefer) viewpoint; you should get along famously, but don't expect the same from an awful lot of us.

*Yes, Greece began democracy; hasn't been a straight shot for it all these years.

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