Monday, March 09, 2009

And on to the borders and illegal aliens

and the damage they're doing:
But in a case of mistaken identity, Jose Perez ended up dead. The intended target — the Houston-based head of a Mexican drug cartel cell pumping millions of dollars of cocaine into the city — walked away.

Perez, 27, was just a working guy, out getting dinner late on a Friday with his wife and young children at Chilos, a seafood restaurant on the Gulf Freeway.
“It is here and it has been here, but people don’t want to listen,” Rick Moreno, a Houston police homicide investigator working with the Drug Enforcement Administration and FBI, said of the cartels’ presence in Houston. "It is so far-reaching>"

Washington is taking notice, even if the toll on U.S. streets is nowhere near as pervasive as in Mexico, where cartels are locked in a war against one another and with the government
A: A lot of us have been taking notice of this kind of garbage for years.
B: DC 'taking notice' has all too often been of the 'amnesty for illegals' variety. Except when they can use it as a club to whack at the 2nd Amendment(see 'illegal US guns to Mexico bullcrap).

“International drug trafficking organizations pose a sustained, serious threat to the safety and security of our communities,” U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said. “We can provide our communities the safety and the security that they deserve only by confronting these dangerous cartels head-on without reservation,” he said.
Well, isn't that nice. You know, AG Holder, it might help if there were a bit more control over the borders; you know, a fence or something? Or is that too simple-minded an idea to suit you?

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Gauge said...

Here's what you do: Place bombs all along that fence/border/please come on over area and blow the hell out of the %$#&ers. Or, we can place snipers all along the border and they can get in some quality practice