Sunday, March 08, 2009

D for "I shall deal with you as you deserve!"

Couple of nights ago saw part of V for Vengeance. Last night took daughter to dinner and on the way said about the movie "We've got a lot of people pissed at the politicians and the government, but we don't have Guy Fawkes; who would people wear a mask of?"

Daughter thought a moment, then said "Andrew Jackson."


"I started to say one of the founders, but they probably wouldn't blow up Congress with them inside."

"But Jackson just might."


A Historical Pride Parade with a whole lot of people dressed as President Andrew Jackson. Possibly carrying torches. In someplace other than DC I'd say swords and pistols, but the Jackson masks and general sentiment would probably cause enough pants wetting; even dull swords and unloaded flintlocks would have Schumer and Frank & Co. running for cameras as fast as their full diapers would let them to warn of the 'terrorists and bigots threatening the government', etc. Which, actually, might be worth watching.

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Dan said...

Clever, but a Google ("Andrew Jacskon" + mask) search turned up loads of trash (mostly Michael Jackson) and this...

Nevertheless, Andrew Jackson is correct answer to the question... bright daughter you have there.