Thursday, March 12, 2009

Since I'm- once again- on the subject of dirtbag politicians, this time the UN

has done it again.
CAPITOL HILL, March 12 -- As UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon met members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday morning, ranking member Ileana Ros-Lehtinen emerged and told the Press that Ban "used the word deadbeat when it came to describing the United States... unbelievable."

Minutes later, Ban stopped and spoke to the three reporters present, including Inner City Press, all three of whom had tape recorders running. He was asked, did you use the word 'deadbeat'? Inner City Press asked, "Ros-Lehtinen seemed to say you did."

"Yes I did, I did," Ban replied, and then smiled impishly. His spokesperson, who also tape recorded the exchange, then said Ban had to go. He rushed away down the hallway surrounded by aides
Ah, but he has an explanation, you see:
At least two stories were written. Then, past midnight, Ban's Spokesperson's office issued a midnight "clarification" --

Subj: To clarify any misunderstanding about the Secretary General
To: Inner City Press [et al.]
Sent: 3/12/2009 12:19:10 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

The Secretary-General said: "The United States generously supports the work of the UN , both in assessed and voluntary contributions".

The Secretary-General also added that while the United States is the most generous contributor to the United Nations, it is also the largest debtor, with more than one billion dollars of arrears owed to the organization
. Etc.
So, let's see; we put more money into that conglomeration of tyrants and leeches than any other country, we're not giving them ENOUGH, so we're deadbeats.
Mr. Secretary-General, there's already an awful lot of us sick to bloody death of paying you clowns to screw people- sometimes literally, considering the number of UN people involved in running brothels and child porn and other abuses- the world over. We're tired of(at the tsunami zone, for instance) being either first or among the first there, working our asses off, contributing billions, and having your delicate little flowers show up and try to take over and claim credit for everything done, and then insulting us.

And you call us deadbeats because we don't give you enough of what we work for. So you can use it to prop up more dictators, and insult us more, and abuse more people, and insist people being murdered and enslaved should just sit and take it until the Holy UN comes in(probably after they're all dead) and does something.

Screw you, Mr. Secretary-General, and every deadbeat, thieving little socialist jackass under you. We ought to stop funding your organization AT ALL and tell you to move the hell out of our country. You're so fond of dictators, go to Cuba; I'm sure the Castro regime would love to have you there.

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Dan said...


I appreciate ya and what you author.

Yeah, I have been tired of the un for a lot of years. Pretty much since just before the third world ascended to the secretary general position and thereby had a platform from which to fuss at us.

Far as I am concerned, let them rot. We have our own inner 3rd world to fix... let them fix their own.

wv - focys ???