Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Man reads headline "Madam arrested for keeping a disorderly house";

Wife says "They arrested Pelosi?"
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly requested military aircraft to shuttle her and her colleagues and family around the country, according to a new report from a conservative watchdog group.

Representatives for Judicial Watch, which obtained e-mails and other documents from a Freedom of Information request, said the correspondence shows Pelosi has abused the system in place to accommodate congressional leaders and treated the Air Force as her "personal airline."

Pelosi's office disputed the claim, pointing to White House policy enacted after the Sept. 11 attacks allowing for the House speaker to travel to his or her congressional district via military aircraft whenever possible for security reasons. Her office said she typically uses the same kind of aircraft used by her predecessor, Dennis Hastert
One of the important things here: 'whenever possible'. That's not supposed to include "I want an airplane and I want it now!"
In one e-mail, aide Kay King complained to the military that they had not made available any aircraft the House speaker wanted for Memorial Day recess.

"It is my understanding there are NO G5s available for the House during the Memorial Day recess. This is totally unacceptable ... The Speaker will want to know where the planes are," King wrote.

In another, when told a certain type of aircraft would not be available, King wrote: "This is not good news, and we will have some very disappointed folks, as well as a very upset Speaker."

And if that last isn't a threat, what is it? Please note, not "Is there a flight we can get on?" or "Is there a plane available?", but "The Speaker wants a G5!"

Most Ethical Congress EVAH!!!

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Rustmeister said...

They should reserve a C130 just for her.