Wednesday, March 11, 2009

About that shortage of ammo,

as I pointed out before, it ain't just the finished stuff.

The guy that owns the pretty Colt Hammerless couldn't find ANY .32acp in town. So he went online; very little there, either, and the price on stuff like Blazer is ridiculous. So I did a bit of browsing...

Checking Midway and Grafs, most .32 bullets show sold out. Neither place has .32acp dies in stock when I looked. Checked a couple of other places and things, and all kinds of bullets from .32 on up, lots of dies, even many bullet molds for .32 and .380 and 9mm and so forth are sold out.

It seems people distrust the gummint enough, and are bothered by the cost of things and worry about future availability enough, that they're stocking up on things to roll their own; wonder how many of them are people who've started handloading in the last few months?

You know, there's got to be a bunch of nervous stomachs among the people in DC over this.

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Windy Wilson said...

As my momma used to say, "But not bad enough to do what you shoulda done in the first place!"

In terms of the contract they swore to uphold (the Constitution) they still don't feel nervous enough to get back on the reservation and do what they should do (and stop doing what they shouldn't).