Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Again, anyone who makes excuses for these scumbag

offspring of a rabid dog and a syphilitic camel is a fool. At best.
Last Sunday a suicide bomber drove up to the village school, which was being used as a polling station for a local by-election, and blew himself up.

Rokhan Gul, a pupil at the school, witnessed the attack. “I saw the bomber just before the blast,” he said.

“While taking a sharp curve at the corner of the street his car slipped into a culvert and all of us helped push him out of the hole. Just 10 minutes later I heard a huge explosion and I immediately knew he was the bomber.”

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the killing. The following day Shah Durran, a Taliban commander in the neighbouring district of Swat, announced on his banned radio station: “We will even kill your children.”

Like a man once said, some people look better dead; and these will look best dead and buried with pig guts.


Gauge said...

I wonder just what kind of excuse people would offer up for this evil, dead idiot? Maybe he had a sleepless night and thought he'd off himself and others because of it. Maybe he got tired of women asking, "Is it in yet?" Yeah, I think those excuses might actually work..........on dumb asses! I know! He was told, "Trix are for kids" and that sent him into a tailspin. Mother F*%#ing, towel wearing, murdering, 72 virgin seeker, dumb ass coward.

Two words: Firing Squad

kahr40 said...

A pork sausage up the appropriate orifice then stitch 'em in pigskin and drop 'em in a hole. Fill it up. Explain that to Allah.