Saturday, January 10, 2009

'Proportionality' raises its ugly head again,

unsurprisingly from one of our politicians who voted 'present' on a resolution supporting Israel. What I'd like to bring up right now is a couple of bits from the speech one of them gave:
I recognize Israel's right to protect its citizens from the persistent and growing threat of rocket attacks. However,as an unwavering proponent of peace, and as an advocate for the rights and security of the Israeli and Palestinian people, I seriously question the proportionality of Israel's response and regretfully predict that Israel's military action will produce only short-term security gains while severely undermining the prospects of peace in the months and years ahead.
Oh, yes, the prospect of 'peace' with people who want Israel wiped off the map and every Jew on earth dead. Real promising, that is.
Despite the fact too many Israeli citizens are under great stress from Hamas rockets, these weapons do not represent an existential threat to Israel. Rather than a serious military challenge, these rockets are like a drug gang that uses drive by shootings as a tactic to terrify a neighborhood. When is the solution to this type of terror for authorities to lay waste to the neighborhood?
In a law-enforcement setting, the answer would be for
A: the cops to catch, the courts try and convict, and imprison the guilty, along with
B: the honest citizens of the neighborhood shooting the bastards when opportunity presents.
However, this ain't a LE setting, it's a freakin' WAR, you moron! Whether you consider the actions of Hamas a 'existential threat' or not, the Israelis are sick to death of various idiots like you making excuses for the terrorists and murderers. Whether you like it or not, they have the right and the duty to act to protect the people of Israel; and doing so means they have to smash Hamas. And since Hamas is a bunch of miserable swine who use 'cease-fires' as a time to launch more rockets and smuggle more weapons, and deliberately act from the middle of civilians so as to produce dead women and kids to parade on camera, that means there are going to be far too many dead kids. So deal with what Hamas is doing before you bleat and whine about the nasty Jews and their 'non-proportionate' response.

Recent weeks of Israeli air and ground assaults have resulted in nearly 800 deaths, half of these innocent civilians.
But after 13 days of warfare it is reported by officials in Gaza that more than 750 people are dead, of which 40 percent are women and children.
'Reported by officials in Gaza'; no chance of exaggeration or lying there, now is there?

The Bush administration has failed to successfully work for an immediate cease-fire. And this resolution fails to call for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza. What this resolution does do is allow Israel to continue its efforts to eliminate the threat of Hamas, which will only lead to further civilian deaths. With nearly 800 Gazans already dead and Israel's international image equally bloodied, there is no victory left for either side to achieve, the present battle has become a competition for biggest loser.
Israel's 'international image'? You mean that of the evil, nasty Zionist JOOOOOS! who want all the poor, 'we just want a homeland cleansed of Jews' palistinians run off or dead? The 'image' pushed that all the nasty JOOOOS! are constantly committing war crimes? That image?

And here's the kicker:
An immediate ceasefire is the only option. The current fighting must end before the foundations of the peace process are undermined any further and the prospects of a two state solution are dealt a final blow. The United States government must recapture its role as an honest broker in the Israel-Palestinian conflict and urgently commit its full energy and resources to achieving a ceasefire and sustaining its engagement to ensure the causes of the present violence - arms smuggling, rocket fire, economic blockade - are resolved.
No, Rep. McCollum(Enemy Sympathizer-D-MN), those are NOT the 'causes' of the violence; the causes of the violence are
1. Hamas & Co. want the Jews dead. All of them. Everywhere.
2. People like you give them support and space to work.
3. People like you actually seem to believe they don't mean what they say in their charter about 'all the Jews should die'; and by refusing to believe it(or pretending you don't, I don't know enough about you to guess which) you allow them to have another hudna so they can start killing Jews all over again. You can bitch and moan about 'damage to the peace process' all you want(like a lot of liberals, the 'process' seems to mean more to you than the outcome), but until Hamas & Co. change their minds and decide they can survive without killing all the Jews, there won't be peace.

Someone said that if the moslems decided they didn't need to kill the Jews and laid down their arms, there would be peace at that moment; if the Israelis decided not to fight anymore and laid down their arms, there wouldn't be a Jew alive in the region by the end of the next day or two.

And as for your whining about 'proportionality' and 'fairness',

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