Thursday, January 08, 2009

Here's another view on the steadfastness and honor of Sen. Reid

Only a week ago, Obama, Reid and other Democratic leaders were adamant that they'd block any Senate appointment made by tainted Illinois Gov. Rod "Dead Meat" Blagojevich, who has been charged with trying to sell Obama's seat to the highest bidder.

Their statements back then were stern and inflexible, invoking the honor of the Senate and how they'd never let an allegedly corrupt governor put his greasy paws on their august dignity. Those statements weren't bland. They were so tough they had hair on them. More hair than Blagojevich, even.

But today's news is that Obama, often treated by the national media as the gentle Mr. Tumnus of American politics, got privately hardball with Reid over the Tombstone issue
And on Mr. Hopeychangeypants Lightbringer:
Obama is perfectly within his rights to try to wriggle out of an embarrassing political situation, and what could be more embarrassing for him than to have Illinois political corruption constantly on the news in Washington?

People might start asking questions, wondering how Obama could come out of a city run by the wrought-iron fists of the Daley machine but smell like the neck of a baby after a bath.

I'm still wondering
Right along with the rest of us.

Little earlier today I heard part of The Obamessiah's speech on how 'only Government can Save the Economy.' Not one friggin' word about how Government is largely responsible for the mess in the first place, or how he's planning to loot the whole damn country in the name of buying future votes.

Michelle Malkin had some bits from a speech Sen. Coburn(Somewhat Untrustworthy-OK) made on the subject of this crap.
The reason we have a 9-percent approval rating is because we are not trusted. We are addicts. We are self-indulgent addicts over our power.

My query to the body and to the American people is, will you hold us accountable? You have to do an intervention with us, each one of us, every time we are home: Are you being a good steward with the limited dollars we have? Are you making choices that may not look good for you as a politician but are truly the best choice for the country? Are you putting yourself second and our country first? Are you acting as a statesman or are you acting as somebody who wants to get reelected?

Very nice words. The problem is, he was getting calls running something like 90- or 95-1 AGAINST voting for the Pork, Payoffs & Bribes Bailout Package, and voted for it anyway. I'm still seriously pissed about his 'reasoning': "We had to do something." And he informed me, in a response to my yelling about it, that "I am sorry if I have disappointed you with my vote. I was only doing what I thought was in the best interest for the long-term future of our country." Well, that sounds very nice, Sen. Coburn, but can you please explain to me just how this massive theft was in our best damned interest? Especially with the further theft now being demanded, and the Treasury Secretary basically telling us "Stop bothering me, peasants, you aren't smart enough to know where your money is going or what I'm doing with it!"

That booth selling rope just sounds like a better idea every damn day.

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MauserMedic said...

I'm hoping, although not hopeful, that the next Congressional election produces significant turnover. We're approaching, if not at, that extreme of the swing were people have had enough, and "anything different has got to be better than what we have" is the common thought.