Monday, January 05, 2009

DHS need to be renamed DHBI:

Department of Homeland Bullying and Intimidation:
While the U.S. Immigration officer named Knapp rifled through all her belongings, Aew sat quietly. She was afraid of this man, who eventually pushed a keyboard to Aew and coerced her into giving up the password to her e-mail address. Officer Knapp read through Aew's e-mails that were addressed to me, and mine to her. Aew would tell me later that she sat quietly, but “Inside I was crying.” She had been so excited to finally visit America. America, the only country ever to coerce her at the border. This is against everything I know about winning and losing the subtle wars. This is against everything I love about the United States. We are not supposed to behave like this. Aew would tell me later that she thought she would be arrested if she did not give the password.

The Government of the United States was reading the private e-mails of a U.S. citizen (me). The Department of “Homeland Security” was at work, intimidating visitors with legitimate visas. They had at least 24 hours to check her out before she landed in the United States. What kind of security is this? The Department of Homeland Security was at this moment more like the Department of Intimidation

Like Oleg Volk once put it, Fast Food Rejects with Police Powers. And, being Federal Employees, a nasty habit of screwing with people and expecting to get away with it.

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Thud said...

When my 75 year old mother (white Liverpool Irish Catholic)is subjected to intense scrutiny and intimate searching...I know something is deeply wrong.